Infrastructure on the agenda

Client: Port of Ystad

01 | Challenge

Putting the Port of Ystad and the infrastructure in the city of Ystad on the political agenda. EHRENBERG Kommunikation has since 2012 collaborated with Ystad Hamn Logistik AB In the process of putting The Port of Ystad on the agenda in Denmark and Sweden.

In Sweden, the biggest challenge has been to arouse interest and create awareness among politicians and civil servants about the challenges with the infrastructure in Ystad, and the difficulties Swedes and Danes experience when they travel to and from the port. The infrastructural issues have major implications both for The Port of Ystad but also for the development of the region.

02 | Solution

Tailored activities to put the issue on the agenda, including a lunch meeting in the parliament for selected politicians and civil servants.

The Port of Ystad has since 2012 conducted a series of activities to initiate dialogue between The Port of Ystad and Swedish decision makers. The lunch meeting in the parliament was part of the effort to put The Port of Ystad on the agenda, and gave rise to a conversation in confidence and dialogue with decision makers.

In addition to the lunch meeting EHRENBERG Communications has arranged a number of individual meetings in the parliament, as well as arranged visits to the harbor for several influential politicians to encourage them to see the port with their own eyes. The activities are part of a long-term strategic plan to put the infrastructure in Ystad on the agenda.

03 | Result

The Port of Ystad has achieved fruitful and constructive dialogue with politicians and at the same time managed to get recognition of the infrastructural challenges in Ystad.

All the completed activities have contributed to helping The Port of Ystad achieve credibility and get their issues on the agenda among Swedish politicians. The growing attention to the city of Ystad and The Port of Ystad has led to representatives from the port to become part of a valuable network for decision makers. 

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