Full scale service portfolio

Media training for management teams? Business intelligence as the basis for important decisions? External support in challenging times? Or creative campaigns to boost sales of products? Whether public relations, corporate communication, public affairs or a combination of all three fields: we are equipped with a strong set of tools and instruments to find the solutions required for the challenges and opportunities you are facing.

There is no better way to sell a product than through recommendation. Our product PR campaigns do exactly that: We create your message, package it attractively and deliver it with media to the right target audience. 


Product PR

Graphic design

Words are our weapon of choice but sometimes a strong visualisation can also do the trick. Be it a simple illustration to explain a more complex matter or a supporting online-banner – we create what is necessary to ensure the strongest impact of our campaigns.

A seemingly simple idea can lead to the strongest effects. In a changing media world it takes the unusual to create awareness across the board - from traditional news outlets to social media sites. Sometimes it is just the unexpected angle to a news item that is all that is required. But if a full-scale creative campaign is required to reach out to your target groups, we will enjoy to work for you all the more.

Creative campaigns

Research & analysis

Big decisions need a solid basis. With our experience in tourism, transport and lifestyle we can provide you with the business intelligence required for you to go on with important projects. 

In the media, every second counts, and you only get one chance to convey your message. By understanding the media's rules, you can effectively control your message, both when you want to convey positive news and when journalists ask tough questions that you actually do not want to answer. We help you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Media training

Online & social media

You may love it or hate it – but social media are here to stay. In any case, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution available. We look at each case individually and develop a strategy that is tailor-made to meet your needs.

An external and unbiased point of view can often make a strong contribution to your strategy. Working for all kinds of organisations and companies, big and small, has provided us with a broad insight into change processes. Whether drafting a communication plan or conducting sparring sessions about developments within your industry – our strategic consultation supports you in taking the best decisions for future progress.

Strategic consulting

Crisis com-

We like it best when emergency plans can stay in the drawer. But not being prepared for unwanted events just adds insult to injury. Our crisis communication competence gives you peace of mind – and ensures that you stay on top of things when you need it the most.