Ystad Hamn - Expanding to the future

Client: Port of Ystad

01 | Challenge

Expansion of Port of Ystad, one of Sweden’s largest ports, has become increasingly crucial for the survival and continued thriving of the port. The challenge here has been twofold – one part has been to secure external funding, as the municipally-owned port has limited funds in itself, and the other aspect has been to gain political support on a municipal, regional and national level for the port expansion.

02 | Solution

Establishing a long-term strategic communications plan, EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation has facilitated bespoke meetings and activities on local, national and international levels. Round table meetings in Brussels and Stockholm, as well as bilateral meetings with representatives from the port’s partners’ governments, have enabled constructive and familiar talks with relevant policymakers and stakeholders, resulting in broad spectre alliances as well as relationships with key individuals and organisations. 

Through these alliances, Port of Ystad’s message has been highlighted for recipients that could, directly and indirectly, contribute to the decisions the port requires, both in terms of funding and policy.

03 | Result

Against the odds, Port of Ystad was granted funding of over €25 million from the European Union for its expansion project. This is the largest one-time EU-funding any Swedish port has received. The project started in May 2019. One and a half years later, the new port section is now complete. The port project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the south of Sweden. Thanks to the long-term and multilevel meeting and alliance work, the funding came through as well as the local political decision to proceed with the expansion. Port of Ystad now has an extensive and meaningful network with allies on national and international levels, securing political support.

“EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation has been key in our work with securing financing and political support for our expansion. I don’t believe we would have gotten the necessary EU funding without their help,” 

- Björn Bostöm, CEO Port of Ystad.

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