EHRENBERG explores new territory

Monday, 24 March 2014

Rent to kill. EHRENBERG’s newest client Rentokil Initial holds a dramatic name, which refers to the fact that the London based business is the world’s largest provider of pest control. Furthermore, Rentokil Initial is one of the world’s largest providers of washroom hygiene services.

For many years in a row in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Rentokil Initial was famous on the stock market for an annual growth of around 20 percent. Now, Rentokil Initial has made another smart move by choosing EHRENBERG Kommunikation as their Lead Agency for PR activities in the Nordic region.

At first sight, EHRENBERG is no expert, when it comes to pest control or washroom hygiene services. However, our newest consultant Allan Priess Poulsen has worked for Rentokil Initial in the past. He holds an extensive product insight and will naturally be the key account manager for Rentokil Initial.

Rentokil Initial has chosen EHRENBERG because of the possibility of working across borders through one single point of contact. This works well with their ambition to spread the knowledge of various products and services throughout the Nordic region as effective as possible.

We look forward to promoting Rentokil Initial in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and hope to expand our cooperation even further.

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