EHRENBERG Kommunikation expands in Sweden

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The international PR and communication agency EHRENBERG Kommunikation, with Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen, is expanding their work on the Swedish market. They now explore Stockholm as a possibility for next office opening.

EHRENBERG Kommunikation was founded in Germany in 1993, by Swedish Magnus Ehrenberg. Since the start, the full service agency has been specialised in transport, tourism and lifestyle and offer cross border PR and communication solutions with a strong focus on the Øresund region. The agency will now give back in one of the fields Germany knows best – the wine. EHRENBERG Kommunikation announce that they, starting January, are representing Wines of Germany in Sweden. Since the start of 2016, EHRENBERG Kommunikation have been representing the same client in Denmark and the expansion means a significant growth for the Swedish department.

EHRENBERG Kommunikation will work through creative solutions to deepen the Swedes’ relationship with German wine and strengthen Wines of Germany’s position on the Swedish market. The founder, Magnus Ehrenberg, also think that the agency’s geographical position and cross border approach are some of the reasons why the assignment was given EHRENBERG Kommunikation, after the wine organisation announced that they were looking for a new communication partner earlier this fall.

“It is extremely valuable for our clients to be able the work with one same agency over several markets. Our clear focus and position in the Øresund region gives us the opportunity to create synergies for our clients and offer them a strong point of access to Scandinavia. The way our world works today, it’s more crucial than ever to work across borders, to maintain relevant to our clients”, Magnus Ehrenberg, founder of EHRENBERG Kommunikation, explains.

Today, the agency’s clients for the Swedish market is handled by a Swedish team in Malmö and Copenhagen. However, Magnus Ehrenberg does not deny that the increasing business in Sweden makes Stockholm a potential target.

“When I founded EHRENBERG Kommunikation over 20 years ago, it grew from my position in south of Sweden and expertise between Sweden and Germany. The business then expanded naturally with the addition of Denmark and most recently Norway, which lead to the opening of the Oslo office earlier this year. We are now experiencing expansion in Sweden and it’s not entirely unlikely that we will consider opening up in Stockholm”, Magnus continues.

EHRENBERG Kommunikation maintains its core business in the Øresund region as well as Germany and Norway.


EHRENBERG Kommunikation is an international communications agency founded in 1993 with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany as well as partner agencies in selected countries. Our core competencies are public relations, communications and public affairs across borders - with a particular focus on tourism, transport and lifestyle.

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