EHRENBERG Kommunikation opens office in Norway

Friday, 15 January 2016

EHRENBERG Kommunikation enters 2016 by expanding its business to Norway. For many years the agency has been present on the Norwegian market through partner agencies. With a strong presence and own offices in Germany, Denmark & Sweden the agency sees it as a natural step to establish EHRENBERG Kommunikation in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

The opening of the new branch reflects the growing importance of the Norwegian market for the agency’s existing clients as well as the large potential of Norwegian organisations and companies looking to gain a stronger foothold on international markets.

“The expansion of EHRENBERG Kommunikation to Oslo means we are able to develop as a lead agency for many of our existing clients by offering Norway as a new home market. By aligning our efforts and products on all markets, we aim to become an even stronger communication partner offering the same EHRENBERG-quality on the increasingly important Norwegian market” says Magnus Ehrenberg, founder of EHRENBERG Kommunikation.

EHRENBERG Kommunikation in Norway is founded by three partners; Magnus Ehrenberg, Allan Sonne Sørensen and Frederik Finnes. The daily business in Norway will be headed by Frederik Finnes, who will also be appointed CEO of EHRENBERG Kommunikation in Norway. Frederik has previously worked as a journalist for magazines and newspapers as well as radio and TV in Norway, among other NRK, Dagens Næringsliv & Verdens Gang. In 2010 Frederik co-founded the communications agency Ribalta PR, where he has been working as a communications advisor for clients such as Shell, Arctic Race of Norway, Emirates, Continental and Thule.

“I have had a very constructive cooperation with EHRENBERG Kommunikation over a longer period of time and we luckily share many of the same values, for example when it comes to the personal approach towards clients and the focus on results. When presented with the opportunity to start and lead the new Norwegian branch of EHRENBERG Kommunikation the decision felt natural right from the beginning. The agency’s strong international presence, clear areas of expertise and full-service approach to communication is something I think will work well in Norway. I look forward to becoming a part of EHRENBERG Kommunikation and continue to grow together with them, says Frederik Finnes.

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