EHRENBERG Kommunikation wins Danish PR Tiger Award

Friday, 18 November 2016

EHRENBERG Kommunikation wins the Danish PR Tiger Award​

Yesterday evening, EHRENBERG Kommunikation and Liquidminds won the Danish PR Tiger Award in the innovation category for the campaign SheepView360.
The cross-border campaign was executed for the destination Visit Faroe Islands and Atlantic Airways on the markets Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, US and UK.
“I see the award as a testament to the great work we try to do for our clients everyday. I think the whole team at EHRENBERG does an award-winning job, so this award is dedicated to their hard work and not least to our clients. Without clients who believe in our ability to make a difference for them, who think in partnerships and long-term perspectives and who have the courage to give us the opportunity to execute effective and untraditional campaigns there would of course be no awards at all. A special thanks in this case should of course go to Visit Faroe Islands”, says Allan Sonne Sørensen, CEO & Partner at EHRENBERG Kommunikation.
SheepView360 put focus on the fact that Google had not mapped the Islands on Google Street View despite the fact that they for instance had been on the top of Mont Blanc. With the campaign we wanted to show the world what unique destination the Faroe Islands is in order to attract more tourists. Therefore, we took matters into our own hands by placing 360-cameras on the back of Faroese sheep and uploading the photos to Google Street View.

“We are particularly pleased with the jury’s explanation behind our win. “True originality speaks for itself. On the basis of an almost brilliantly simple idea and with a charming combination of humour, technology and northern Atlantic confidence the project succeeded in – with a relatively small budget - cutting to the clutter of the media world and generating strong results on a global scale”. At EHRENBERG we see no value in creativity alone, it is when creativity is used to generate strong results the magic happens. In this case not just in one market but across borders in 6 markets, which is one of the most valued core competences in our agency” says Allan Sonne Sørensen.
The SheepView360 campaign was featured in world-wide media such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, Bild, Der Spiegel, CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, Aftonbladet, Politiken and DR2 and it quickly went viral on social media where readers were mobilized via the hashtag #wewantgooglestreetview.
The mission was accomplished: Few weeks into the campaign Google arrived to the Faroe Islands with a Google Trekker to map the beautiful destination.   
- Reach: + 1,000,000,000
- + 7,000 news stories
- + 42,200 webpage mentions
- PR ROI: + 150,000% 

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