EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation starts partnership with Visit Skåne in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands

Monday, 29 January 2024

2023 was a record year for Skåne in terms of German, Danish and Dutch guest nights. To further strengthen Skåne's brand on their prioritized markets, Visit Skåne, Skåne's regional destination company, is now starting a partnership with EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation, Kron Kommunikation and Gate2Marketing - all experts in destination marketing on their respective markets.


In 2023, Skåne experienced record-high visitor numbers from German, Danish and Dutch travelers. To further contribute to the positive development, Visit Skåne is now starting a collaboration with EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation in Denmark and Germany, Kron Kommunikation in Denmark and Gate2Marketing in the Netherlands.

Visit Skåne focuses on sustainable tourism development, with a vision to transform Skåne's tourism by integrating sustainability principles into every aspect of their work. They work towards creating a balanced flow of visitors in all seasons, which means trying to spread tourism more evenly throughout the year to reduce pressure on popular destinations and promote more sustainable economic growth. At the same time, Visit Skåne highlights the region's diversity through thematic arenas such as nature tourism and gastronomy, which reflect Skåne's unique character and attract a more diverse group of visitors. In addition, Visit Skåne places great emphasis on promoting thoughtful hosting and hospitality, striving to create a deeper understanding and appreciation between visitors and locals. Through these efforts, Visit Skåne wants to not only increase the attractiveness of the destination but also ensure sustainable and responsible growth in the tourism sector.

"We are really looking forward to starting the joint work, which this partnership entails, to create meaningful and sustainable tourism experiences that are not only rewarding for visitors, but also have a positive and long-term effect on our local communities and the environment," says Alfred Wagenius, PR Manager at Visit Skåne.

Common to German, Danish and Dutch travelers is that they are attracted to the nature of Sweden and Skåne. Furthermore, Germans are mainly attracted by Skåne's unique combination of culture, history, and nature, while Danes are drawn to restaurant, shopping and golf experiences. The low Swedish krona has naturally also been a strong contributing factor to the sharp increase in the number of visitors to Skåne.

The partnership was launched in January this year with the aim of promoting Visit Skåne's strategies and initiatives through innovative PR and marketing. The common goal is to increase awareness of Skåne as an attractive and sustainable year-round destination.

"On behalf of everyone in the partnership, I would like to express how proud we are to start this collaboration with Visit Skåne. With solid expertise and experience of working with clients in the tourism industry, our physical presence in the prioritized markets and with extensive networks of journalists and other key stakeholders, we look forward to contributing to the promotion of the Skåne brand and a growing and sustainable tourism industry", says Allan Sonne Sørensen, Partner and CEO at EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation. 

Media inquiries
Danish, German and Dutch journalists are welcome to contact Visit Skåne's press office at EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation, Kron Kommunikation and Gate2Marketing. For each market, please contact:
Germany: Svenja Peters via e-mail or phone +49 162 203 9905
Denmark: Amalie Frøkjær-Rubbås via e-mail or phone +45 268 336 61 and Anna Kron Boysen or phone +45 261 613 76.
Netherlands: Sophie Nyström via e-mail or phone +31 617 33 23 99

About Visit Skåne
Skåne's regional destination company, Visit Skåne AB, shall strengthen Skåne's brand internationally and promote the tourism and event industry. The mission includes working to ensure that major events, congresses, exhibitions, and trade fairs are held in Skåne. It is also about developing Skåne's hospitality and event industry with a focus on sustainability and innovation and increasing the destination's awareness and attractiveness internationally. Visit Skåne AB is owned by Region Skåne Holding AB and was formed in 2023 through a merger of Tourism in Skåne AB, Event in Skåne AB and Business Region Skåne AB.
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About EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation, Kron Kommunikation & Gate2Marketing
Three local experts: EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation, Kron Kommunikation and Gate2Marketing are working together to provide excellent and multi-faceted service for hospitality clients. With passion for the industry, long experience and extensive expertise, we put our clients' destinations on the bucket lists of German, Danish and Dutch travelers. Skåne is also close to our hearts - among others, the founder of EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation Magnus Ehrenberg was born and raised in Skåne.

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