The Naval Museum Karlskrona new client

Monday, 7 April 2014

At EHRENBERG we know maritime topics at heart: The history of our agency started with public relations work for a large ferry company. The connection between man and sea is also the most important element for our newest client: The Naval Museum of the southern Swedish UNESCO World Heritage city of Karlskrona has chosen EHRENBERG Kommunikation as PR agency in Germany and Denmark. The centre of the public relations activities is the opening of a new submarine exhibition on 06 June this year. Then you can not only read, but also touch, smell and hear history: In a purpose-built hall, the „HMS Neptun“ invites you into the inner workings of a submarine from the Cold War.

Magnus Ehrenberg: “I am always especially delighted if we can enable our customers to increase their brand awareness on several markets at once due to our international set-up. But at the same time my heart beats very locally when it comes to working for the Naval Museum: My ancestors came from the area around Karlskrona. So I know what I am talking about when I say: The city and the Naval Museum are definitely worth a visit!”

See video on the submarine exhibition: 

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