145,000 Swedes Learn Meal Prepping With Sweet Potatoes

Client: Sweet Potatoes

01 | Challenge

The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission wanted us to work with an influencer with the goal to have more Swedes put sweet potatoes on their shopping lists. This case inspires us even today as it shows that big things are possible even with a limited budget.

02 | Solution

Sweet potatoes are nowadays available in every store but do not always figure on the typical daily shopping list, like apples. That’s why we decided to show how to use sweet potatoes for daily cooking in a fun and easy way. Influencer and sweet potato lover Fanny Lindkvist of @fannygrejar was the perfect partner.

In a meal prep video, Fanny showed how to prepare sweet potato slices and store them. Later the same week, she posted recipe videos for a delicious bowl and a colorful tray dish that used the prepared sweet potato slices.

03 | Result

Through 2 posts and 3 stories, Fanny’s easy recipes reached 145,000 Swedes on Instagram.

The 5 pieces of content built the customer journey, as they were spread over 2 weeks and thus ensured for exposure and re-exposure within the same group of people.

Long living content: Through the newly created highlight “sweet potatoes” on Fanny’s Instagram, followers will also find the videos in the future.

Photo credit: Fanny Lindkvist

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