A 3-step campaign on the Danish market

Client: Visit Värmland

01 | Challenge

The tourism organisation in Värmland, Visit Värmland, wanted to highlight innovation and sustainability throughout the region’s vacation offers with their IAV project.

To solve this challenge, we had to construct a campaign that could create awareness of Värmland among the Danes while also allowing us to communicate about several entrepreneurs, sustainability and innovation in the region, many of which had only little news value to a Danish audience.

02 | Solution

To meet this challenge we designed a 3-step campaign for the Danish market, consistning of:

1.  A press release &  an influencer trip

In the first step of the campaign, we distributed a press release in Denmark with focus on a new innovative bike tent, while also telling the story of what and where Värmland is. We also planned an influencer collaboration to showcase this new the bike-trailer-vacation and other accommodations in Värmland, where we as part of the agreement bought rights to some of the content produced on the trip.

2. Follow up on SoMe

Step two consisted of a follow up campaign on SoMe, where we use the content produced during the influencer collaboration to create a content plan with Danish captions that Värmland can use to target a Danish audience and showcase the different entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the region.

3. Advertorial 

Step three is targeting the users and readers with an advertorial in the Danish national newpaper Berlingske, where we let the influencer tell her story about visiting Värmland as it becomes more trustworthy and personal. 

03 | Result

In total the 3-step campaign for Visit Värmland resulted in:

The press release generated 6 articles in Danish media, reaching 126.000 readers.

The influencer collaboration resulted in a total of 5 posts/reels and 95 stories. The content was viewed 64.049 times by unique users and the content was engaged with 18.318 times.  

The advertorial beat all its benchmarks, and during the campaign period it was read 4.605 times, and 8 percent of the readers gained interest and clicked on the article's links.

The SoMe follow up will be used to future promotion of the region towards a Danish audience.

"This campaign was specifically aimed at the Danish market, where the goal was to reuse the created content in a resource-efficient way and that way get a strong synergy effect. EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation developed a very concrete approach to a 3-step campaign that achieved exactly that. The campaign gave us both great visibility on several different platforms and access to image and text material we will benefit from for a long time to come”

– Pernilla Bredberg, project manager Innovation & Green Transition at Visit Värmland.

Photo credit: Sarah Green

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