Alsace Rocks!

Client: Vins D' Alsace

01 | Challenge


Alsace Wine Region wanted to boost the perception of Alsace wines by introducing the campaign ALSACE ROCKS to distributors and sommeliers. With the campaign, they wanted to get a new and younger image by communicating the diversity of Alsace Wine to a diverse target group.

02 | Solution

In response to this challenge, we crafted a solution that involved live events designed to create a vibrant and distinctive ambiance for Alsace.

With their ambition of reaching a wide range of Alsace lovers, we decided to plan and host two separate events in Copenhagen – both focusing on how Alsace Rocks! 


For the Business-to-Business (BtB) target audience, we hosted an interactive lunch where eight producers presented their Riesling wines to a gathering of sommeliers and journalists. The focus was on showing the diversity of the 13 soils that give Alsace wines their unique terrior, as Riesling can taste completely different depending on where the wines grow.

Later that day, we organized an Alsace Rocks event at another trendy venue, specifically tailored for young wine enthusiasts. Crémant d’Alsace, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Gewurztraminer was tasted, and the attendees played rock music bingo, ate sushi for dinner, and got to dance to the music of the DJ.

03 | Result

The two events of different character were a clear indication of the diversity in Alsace wines as well as in Alsace wine lovers.


The campaign resulted in:

The estimated reach for the campaign was +820.000 people.

35 professionals attended the interactive lunch.

100 young wine lovers attended the event and many more were influenced via external channels.

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