Barolo & Fiends

Client: Piedmont Wines

01 | Challenge

Piedmont wines, like all Italian wines and gastronomic products, are more popular than ever in Sweden. To maintain their market shares, and even develop further their sales in this very buoyant market, the challenge consisted in both retaining the interest in these wines for the industry, as well as capture others by educating them and making them taste a full range of wines from this region with a more specific focus on organic wines, which are increasingly in demand in Sweden by the Swedish alcohol retailing monopoly (Systembolaget) and by restaurants. The challenge was also to develop the communication for these wines to journalists and among wine connoisseurs from various wine clubs. To succeed, we have organized every year since 2018 a Barolo wine-day in a classy stand at a modern, high-quality venue in Stockholm, the wine-day is called "Barolo & Friends".

02 | Solution

“Barolo & Friends” consists of a complete program that lasts for a whole day making it possible to promote the wines to Swedish journalists, importers, restaurants and sommeliers, as well as consumers. 

A masterclass led by an Italian wine expert is organized in the morning and aims to educate journalists and sommeliers about the wines and show the latest trends from this wine region. 

Then a wine tasting with around 20 exhibitors is open for the entire Swedish wine industry, which among other things allows restaurants to order wines and for producers to find a wine importer that they can work with in the future. In the evening, a seminar for wine connoisseurs is organized, followed by an open wine tasting for members of wine clubs. The goal is to get them to become potential customers for these wines and talk well about them to their circles.

03 | Result

  • Invitation sent to more than 1,800 Swedish wine professionals and 800 wine club members
  • 50 participants at the Masterclass for journalists and sommeliers
  • Over 200 professionals at the open tasting
  • 50 wine connoisseurs at the evening seminar
  • 250 wine club members at the evening open tasting
  • Over 450 visitors throughout the day

Beyond the number of visitors, new listings among restaurants and the connection of producers with importers, this day also allows to obtain many spin-offs on social networks.

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