Exploring Värmland at eye level with micro-influencers

Client: Visit Värmland

01 | Challenge

The Swedish Tourism Board Visit Värmland wanted to promote Värmland as an amazing nature destination in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany but more so, they wanted to promote all of the tourism entrepreneurs that are the backbone of the destination. By doing so, the client could market the region as a summer destination and lengthen the tourism season, which was important. The main target group were younger, active and individual travelers who are interested in outdoor activities. 

02 | Solution

To reach these specific travelers, EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation developed cross-border synergies and created an influencer collaboration focusing on Visit Värmland’s biggest markets, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. These markets are our core markets, that we specialize in which motivates a cross-border activation of this kind.

For the collaboration, five outdoor and active lifestyle influencers were selected and invited to try Värmland’s nature, accommodations, and gastronomical experiences. 

The influencers that were chosen for this campaign were all micro-influencers who tend to have a higher engagement rate and followers who feel like they are at the same level as the influencer – that trust and identify themselves with the influencer.

The purpose of the trip was to give exposure to the different stakeholders within the destination, by sharing inspiring digital content on the influencer’s Instagram accounts. Due to the influencers' brands, content, and genuine connection to their followers – this activity created a high engagement. 

03 | Result

The cross-border influencer collaboration resulted in a large amount of content on Instagram and an average engagement rate of 6,4, which is higher than the standard (1-5). By using micro influencers, we had the opportunity to showcase Värmland while also getting their followers engaged the trip and in Värmland as a destination. This single activity created valuable exposure and awareness towards Värmland as a great summer and outdoor activity destination for a younger target group within three markets.

Additionally, the influencers provided Visit Värmland with a vast number of photos for them to use in other destination marketing campaigns. This way, Visit Värmland has an updated, wide range of photo material created with current photo standards to use in marketing aimed at the target group.

“We have done plenty of influencer collaborations before, but this activity created synergies amongst all the markets in which we, and EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation, operates in. This enabled us to reduce the time and effort spent, and increased the outcome – not only for us but for the influencers as well.”

– Jenny Nohrén, Communications manager at Visit Värmland.

Photo credit: Visit Värmland
Visit Värmland / Yggdrasil Igloo / Roger Borgelid / Tommy Pedersen 

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