Getting Danes and Germans onboard

Client: Rederi AB Göta Kanal

01 | Challenge



Rederi AB Göta Kanal, founded in 1869, offers unique and nostalgic cruise experiences at Göta Canal in Sweden. The overall goal of the shipping company is to increase bookings from German and Danish travellers, which leads to our aim to increase awareness for the nostalgic cruises in Denmark and Germay.

02 | Solution

In order to spread the word about Rederi AB Gota Kanal and its cruise products, we created a campaign consisting of press releases, press trips and influencer collaborations for both markets.

The aim of the campaign was to generate interest of journalists and consumers with press releases, that were published in several print and online magazines, newspapers and trade media. To reach the client’s target group through trustworthy and in-depth descriptions, journalists from Denmark and Germany were picked out for press trips to experience the cruise first-hand. This generated more authentic third-party content which was published in selected media. This was complemented by social media and online content about the unique cruises

03 | Result

In 2023, we gained great interest from travel journalists as a result from our press releases. This gave us the possibility to send journalists from Politiken, Berlingske and Nordjyske Stiftstidende on press trips. These generated thorough articles in the Danish media depicting the onboard experience with its nostalgic charm and history as well as the idyllic scenery created from slowly floating through the Swedish landscape.

On the German market we have generated amongst others a great buzz on Instagram with a suitable influencer. With a total reach of more than 210k people, the influencer also created great content of her experience onboard. 96 stories, 12 posts, two reels and three blog entries have showed the best of the six-day-trip from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

“We are very pleased with our collaboration with EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation and the results of their work. The campaign activities are flexible and adapted to our benefit when new situations and possibilities occur. We look forward to the continued collaboration.”

- Fredrik Duveskog, Business Director at Rederi AB Göta Kanal.


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