Photo booth and food truck for GOLDEN TOAST

Client: Golden Toast

01 | Challenge

Golden Toast wanted to bring more attention to their „Ein Golden Toast für alle Fälle“ campaign („Golden Toast for all occasions“), which main idea is that Golden Toast does not only have the right product for every mood, but also a delicious corresponding recipe.

The lead agency already spread this idea on social media and on via four funny videos. The protagonists of the four clips are confronted with different problems and emotional outbursts. Luckily a Golden Toast sandwich is handed into the scene, which makes them calm down immediately, because it has the right ingredients to support you in any situation.

All our PR measures had to link to this idea – so how do you transfer a digital campaign into real life?

02 | Solution

One photo booth, one food truck and 400 sandwiches in right the heart of Hamburg.

Food and mood – those two belong together. That is why, Golden Toast provides the right sandwich recipe for every mood. This is the concept of “Ein Golden Toast für alle Fälle”. To bring this idea onto Hamburg’s streets, the two components had to be combined in a funny and interesting way. And, we also had to find a place, where our target group was just waiting for us.

The right venue was easy to find: St. Pauli’s Rindermarkthalle in the center of Hamburg, one of the biggest indoor food markets in the city. The foodies visiting this location on a daily basis were the target group we were searching for: hungry people, who are about to get some groceries in a relaxed atmosphere. The school right next to the Rindermarkthalle made the location perfect. All the students had to walk past us to get to the subway. This meant even more hungry mouths and people in a good mood. 


Our idea was to place a branded photo booth, the “Golden Toast Emotionat”, and a food truck right in front of the hall’s main entrance. Now everyone was invited to join us in the booth and take free snapshots with funny photo props. Prior to the event we determined four emotions and corresponding sandwich recipes. Depending on the mood the participants were portraying in the booth, they got the corresponding snack at the food truck. 

To refer back to the digital world, the event was supported by the three influential German blogs “Dressed Like Machines”, “Typisch Hamburch” and “Was ist hier eigentlich los?”. They drew attention to the event before, afterwards and on site, when they stopped by for free photo strips and sandwiches.

03 | Result

The event was a big success. In addition to 400 sandwiches und numerous photo strips we especially spread good vibes! The best part was that everyone from young to old felt included – even a baby and two dogs joined us in the booth. 


The sandwiches were eaten up in no time and the three blog partners spread the word on social media. With an additional competition on Facebook, we reached even more hungry toast-fans who weren’t in Hamburg at the day of the event. A success all round, which did not only make the costumer happy.


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