Label Rouge Chicken Doubled Sales on Promotion Days

Client: Label Rouge

01 | Challenge

We love to think back to this successful campaign because it shows that the right strategy can move the needle. That’s what we experienced when the French high-quality brand “Label Rouge” wanted to raise awareness and grow sales for its chicken. Promoting French chicken in Sweden is tricky because Swedish consumers tend to buy meat from Sweden.

02 | Solution

We decided to put a strong focus on animal welfare when introducing the label to consumers, chefs and buyers. Due to the mild climate in France, the farm-raised chickens can roam freely outdoors and have year-round access to large, shaded areas with trees.

It’s a difference you can taste, which is why tasting events were also of particular importance.

03 | Result

  • 170 promotion days at 40 point of sale with 60.000 consumers tasting Label Rouge and 180.000 overall reach
  • Sales during the promotion days doubled in the stores in question
  • Tasting events reaching over 50 journalists, buyers and chefs
  • Influencer marketing activities reaching 350.000 foodies including an online “Cook A Long” show seen by 12.000 consumers
  • A B2B print campaign reaching 1,2 million professionals
  • Press articles reaching 7,7 million people

Photo credit: Juliette Lalbaltry_Delphine / Constantini_Label Rouge

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