Brand kisses with SalzburgerLand

Client: SalzburgerLand

01 | Challenge

EHRENEBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation has collaborated with the Austrian region SalzburgerLand since 2012, by acting as the region’s lead agency in Scandinavia.

The Austrian region SalzburgerLand wants an overall stronger and more engaging presence in Denmark.

To ensure exposure and create relevance for the target group during the year, we have a year-round press office that includes media management, distribution of press materials, press releases, operation of the Danish Facebook page, website optimization and ad hoc tasks. Furthermore, we carry out two annual campaigns – one for summer and one for winter season.

02 | Solution

A multi-channel campaign for Salzburgerland that secured exposure and thus created relevance for the target group all year around. During the years we have worked with an proactive media strategy that ensures a strong network among important media – for example press events, press trips, press releases and radio collaborations.

As a part of our strategy, we use influencer marketing to enable ambassadors to communicate engaging and personal information about the region to their followers. In addition, we engage the target group on SalzburgerLand’s Danish Facebook page, where we communicate and interact with the page’s followers. The purpose is to create valuable supporters and generate good word-of-mouth. Furthermore, we establish collaborations with relevant brands in Scandinavia, where we create value for both partners through the collaboration of target groups, products, and communication. Finally, we work with important tour operators to increase sales at the destination.

03 | Result

We are active on relevant media platforms and channels where we can focus on relevant target groups. We manage to communicate what is unique the destinations to the most important target groups.

In 2019 the winter season campaign got the following results:

Estimated total number of people reached (incl. planned, future exposure): 7,207,676

Estimated total advertising value (articles in editorial media that has been published only, i.e. excl. future value): 165,576 EUR

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