Brand kisses with SalzburgerLand

Client: SalzburgerLand

01 | Challenge

The Austrian region SalzburgerLand wanted to position itself as the go-to winter destination among Swedes and Danes.

The challenge for the winter campaign was to find new and successful ways to attract travelers and position SalzburgerLand as the preferred winter destination for Danes and Swedes – with a relatively limited budget.

02 | Solution

A multi-channel campaign for SalzburgerLand in cooperation with several well-known Swedish and Danish brands.

For the winter campaign we chose to cooperate with relevant brands in Scandinavia in a new and creative way. Joining forces with relevant brands in Scandinavia proved to be a powerful positioning tool with strong synergies for SalzburgerLand in terms of target audiences, products and messaging.

By matchmaking SalzburgerLand with strong consumer brands we were able to produce a cost-effective communication campaign with lasting impact.

We gained entry into the communication channels of the partners, which included both physical and digital channels. In this way we were able to produce a cross-media campaign utilizing the strengths of established brands.

03 | Result

A full-scale campaign executed on multiple platforms on two markets and with exposure within the target group.

Our partners in the campaign consisted of:


     Mekonomen                                     City 2

     Wilfa                                                T-Hansen

     Scandlines                                        Imerco

     Nova FM                                          Mols-Linien

Via the partners’ websites, newsletters, social media, and on board ferries and in physical stores, we reached several million people.

3.649.000 reached Danes and Swedes.

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