Growing a strong social media presence

Client: SalzburgerLand

01 | Challenge

The Austrian region SalzburgerLand wanted a stronger and more engaging presence on social media, and in particularly on Facebook. They had an active site, but the content mainly focused on communicating offers and information. Also, the Facebook site had a limited amount of followers and more problematic – the followers of the site were highly inactive with a limited degree of comments, likes and shares of the posts published. 

02 | Solution

EHRENBERG Kommunikation developed a new Facebook strategy with focus on valuable and engaging content combined with a strategic promotion of the site. In order to upgrade SalzburgerLand’s presence on Facebook, our strategy for the site involved changing the content of the site from focusing on information and offers into creating valuable and engaging content – focusing on the activities to experience in the region.  

Furthermore, selected posts were strategically promoted in order to reach a larger audience, attracting new active followers.  

03 | Result

The efforts resulted in a more engaging Facebook-site with followers whom have gone from passive to active, valuable ambassadors of SalzburgerLand. As a result of the new strategy, SalzburgerLand’s Facebook site within a year more than 8-doubbled the amount of followers of the site. 

More importantly, there has been a significant increase in reach, likes, comments and shares per post. Now, the followers of the site are actively endorsing SalzburgerLand as an attractive destination, thus securing valuable exposure for the Austrian region.  

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