Småland and Öland: more than just Astrid Lindgren

Client: Visit Småland and Visit Öland

01 | Challenge


Germany’s proximity to South Sweden makes it an important market to the region of Småland and Öland. The destination needed a local lead-agency to help them increase its visibility as an all-year round destination and raise awareness of what the destination has to offer in the German market. 

02 | Solution

To reach these main targets EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation created an all-encompassing multi-channel concept including PR, marketing, and online activities on the German market.

Through a kick-off workshop with the client, we defined precise target groups and themes, that would be the cornerstones of our integrated communications strategy. Småland and Öland were specifically looking to promote four different main themes: Outdoor/nature, family-friendly holidays, culture, and culinary with sustainability as a subtheme. Every above-mentioned topic had specific target groups which again were defined by suitable channels.

The strategy included PR activities such as press releases, media visits (individual and group), influencer collaborations, a proactive press office and brand cooperations. Digital activities, amongst others, included strategic content planning, editorial content posting plus community management on their social media channels. EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation also established and operates the German Instagram account for Småland and Öland. Furthermore, online ads were being created and displayed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Google with the ultimate goal to inspire the German consumer.

03 | Result

Småland and Öland’s full-service treatment in the German marketplace have increased awareness of the destination in Germany and led to the following results in only six months:

  • Three Influencer collaborations with a total reach of 2,980,535 and an average engagement rate of 8.46
  • Three individual press trips with media representatives matching the topics nature, culture, and culinary
  • Seven press releases covering the different themes and target groups
  • Development and adaption of the German local landing page
    with seasonal content to promote Småland och Öland all year round
  • The Facebook account has seen a minimum of 1,500 visits between and an average reach of 237,900 from June-September 2022
  • The Instagram account has seen a growth by 900 followers and an average reach of 62,500 from June-September 2022
  • Participation at the most-known German networking event for media representatives in tourism with 25 appointments
  • Two advertorials with 10 pages of inspirational content reaching around 85,000 nature and camping interested travelers

Photo credit: Visit Småland and Visit Öland

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