Positioning Small Danish Hotels as market specialists

Client: Small Danish Hotels

01 | Challenge

The biggest Danish hotel chain, Small Danish Hotels, with over 80 hotels placed in all parts of the country, wanted to promote itself as a chain in stead of using their marketing budget on branding the chain’s individual members. At the same time, Small Danish Hotels wished to strengthen their position as an expert within travel patterns and market tendencies.

02 | Solution

In close collaboration with Small Danish Hotels, EHRENBERG Kommunikation developed a one-year plan for activities. The activities would increase the awareness of Small Danish Hotel as a highly relevant actor within travel tendency matters. 

We shifted focus from commercial news and instead intensified the production of stories about patterns and accommodation numbers for travel seasons and markets.  

03 | Result

Small Danish Hotels has successfully positioned itself as a travel expert in Danish media. Small Danish Hotels and their CEO are frequently contacted by journalist from some of the largest national daily media and even by journalists from the neighbouring countries, to give comments on current tourism trends in the country. 

This proves that they have been positioned as experts in the field. The strengthened position was underlined by a portrait of the CEO in the renowned newspaper “Børsen” on the hotel chain’s 35th anniversary.  

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Partner & CEO

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