Estonia: Now on Swedes' map

Client: Visit Estonia

01 | Challenge

We began our ongoing collaboration with Visit Estonia, Estonia’s official tourist board, in 2021. The key goals were to increase awareness of the destination and spark the desire among Swedish travellers to visit the country. 

Despite its geographical proximity to Sweden, Estonia was a relatively unknown destination for the majority of Swedes. In the beginning of the collaboration, an analysis was made, which showed that 58% of Swedes had never been to Estonia and that 30% would not go to Estonia for a weekend in the near future. 

02 | Solution

We tackled the challenge by creating a year-round plan targeted at specific target groups containing selected PR activities such as press releases, press trips, press events and influencer collaborations. A major breakthrough in the cooperation came, when we took Estonia to Stockholm through a dinner event and connected representatives from Estonia with a long range of editors, journalists and influencers in Sweden.

To inspire and reach the right target group, we focused on Estonia’s three passion points: gastronomy, nature, and culture. We wanted to lift Estonia’s proximity to Sweden, more specifically to Stockholm, and portray Estonia as the modern, creative and unexpecting destination full of exiting contrasts – that it is. 

03 | Result

Estonia as a travel destination has been seen in all the big and influential Swedish travel and food magazines since 2021. We have results in Vagabond, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet RESA, Gourmet, Gods och gårdar… The list goes on.  

In 2022, we achieved the following results:

  • Reach (through published articles in editorial media): 16.655.367
  • Estimated ad value (published articles in editorial media): 1.213.955 EUR

We are proud to have helped introduce more Swedes to Estonia’s gastronomy, nature, and culture, and to have strengthened Estonia as a destination and brand on the Swedish market. 

Aside from our great results, we are just as pleased about the great collaborative work and partnership we’ve built together with Visit Estonia. 

“Working with EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation has not only made us gain visibility on the Swedish market, but also a close collaboration built on trust, openness and without prestige that has given us many new insights.”

- Kadri Gröön, Head of International Media and Gastronomy at Visit Estonia.

Photo credit: Visit Estonia
Eiliki Pukk / Renee Altrov / Aivo Oblikas

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