At sea, in the air, on rail and on the road


For more than 25 years, we have executed communication services and provided strategic advice to customers of the transport industry on our core markets Germany, Denmark, Sweden and beyond. Our choice to concentrate on businesses within the transport sector was a natural one as it was in this sector our own business started, representing the maritime sector in the Baltic Sea region. Since then, we have developed into full-service agency for transport companies in Northern Europe: at sea, in the air, on rail and on the road. Based on experience, expertise and network, we move with you to reach your goals.

Our biggest assets are our people and we put our network to work for your benefit. Be it business intelligence, public relations strategy, media or political challenge. We have the right contacts to keep you up to date, and the expertise to set the framework for your business success. Relying on media, political or business background, our advisors can support you in reaching your goals with in-depth analysis of industry specific questions, strategic and communication advice based on your industry´s parameters, increased visibility on relevant platforms as well as with agenda setting and lobbying in the political arena.

It all sums up to network, experience and expertise

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