A word-of-mouth recommendation is the most effective tool to sell a product – and it has been around for centuries. Social networks have probably the strongest impact on the buying decisions of today’s consumers.

Instagrammers, bloggers und Youtubers have enormous reach, enjoy great credibility often more popularity than traditional celebrities. Influencer cooperations open a whole range of possibilities for online PR such as product tests, destination marketing or creating a buzz for your next event. Influencers deliver measurable results and help you to reach your target groups in an effective way.

Yet, for a collaboration that offers advantages to both sides it is essential to follow some rules. We at EHRENBERG Kommunikation have the network and the ideas to find influencers that act as ambassadors for your product or service. We help you to choose the right partner and advise you on how to put a targeted cooperation into practice. 

Selected services:

  • Research and networking
  • Raffle cooperations
  • Blogger trips and Instawalks
  • Product tests
  • Events


Allan Sonne Sørensen
Partner & CEO

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