Folkemødet is the most important political platform and venue outside of Copenhagen and the Danish Parliament and is a central platform for political debate and media exposure for your organization.

Every year for four days, politicians, legislators, interest groups and influencers converge on the island Bornholm. No other place in Denmark is access to decisionmakers at national, regional and local level so good as it is under Folkemødet in Allinge. Folkemødet is a unique opportunity for dialouge and agenda steeting activities for your organzisation to interact with all your stakeholders.

EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation has been active and played a major part of Folkemødet since its inception in 2011 and has followed the development of this political festival until today. We have great experience with the practical and strategic work involved as well as development of new orginal and creative concepts backed by efficient execution that makes it possible to make yourself heard among the 2000 plus debates and events.

In 2019, we will once again be at the centre of Folkemødet at the harbour in Allinge where we will host and organize debates, networking, meetings, interviews, dinners etc. Please contact us to get more information and to see how we can support you during Folkemødet 2019.


Allan Sonne Sørensen
Partner & CEO

+45 51 88 82 70