Every day, executives face a whole range of complex issues that can have far-reaching implications for their company’s performance. Having a professional, external sparring partner by your side can provide you an outside perspective and make a strong contribution to your strategy.

Working for all kinds of organisations and companies within transport, tourism and lifestyle has provided us with a broad insight into change processes. Based on an analysis of your company’s requirements, we assemble an experienced team that tailors your needs and tireless advocacy on behalf of our clients.

We deliver precise, free-flowing, honest and accurate information to aid you in making an informed decision, building trust and credibility along the way.  

Whether drafting a communication plan or conducting sparring sessions about developments within your sector – our strategic consultation supports you in acting correctly towards stakeholders and taking the best decisions for future progress. 

Selected services:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Strategy development
  • Sparring sessions
  • Communication plan
  • Strategy execution


Allan Sonne Sørensen
Partner & CEO

+45 51 88 82 70