In supermarkets as well as in special stores, a ‘moment of truth’ occurs when the consumer picks out which product to put in their basket. With several campaign offers competing for consumers’ attention, it’s all about placing the products we represent on behalf of our clients at the consumers’ ‘top of mind’. After many years of experience with various trade activities and deep knowledge of the industries and their actors, we know exactly what it takes to optimise sales in each sector of products you wish to promote. 

The most successful trade campaigns are based on the current market position of the product, the chosen partner and the ability of each product to tailor the campaign to the customer. The best results are often generated from a combination of in-store exposure, presence on social media and the interaction this generates, as well as the involvement of store managers. Our campaigns consist of several activities across media platforms and sectors that always achieve strong results to the satisfaction of our clients. 


Selected services:

  • Social media activation 
  • Store exhibitions
  • Newsletters
  • Incentives
  • Tastings
  • Consumer contests
  • Product package campaigns
  • Offer and bonus campaigns 


Peter Esper Larsen
Head of Food & Wine Denmark

+45 (0) 24 61 59 03