How do you really know what wine you prefer, if you haven't tasted lots of wines? Tastings and seminars where you gain in depth knowledge about a specific wine region is the perfect way to find out what you prefer. Whether you are a curious consumer wanting to increase your knowledge of a wine region, and importer looking for the next scoop or a sommelier missing that one perfect wine to the new course on the menu, a tasting is the perfect place to start. 

A seminar and a tasting for the industry can take many different forms. We have +20 years of experience with arranging tastings and seminars. Whether you need to put focus on food and wine pairing, raise awareness of rather unknown areas and wine, put producers and importers in touch or something else, we are able to arrange it with the right venue, fantastic speakers and the necessary invitation list. 


Selected services:

  • Events for both B2B and B2C
  • Industry tastings with 25-30 producers
  • Seminars for consumers and professionals
  • Dinners with food and wine pairing
  • Organizing – from distribution of invitation to running the event and reporting
  • Acting as staff at stands at big wine events
  • Seminars at hotel and restaurant schools as well as wine clubs – both for companies and private clubs


Peter Esper Larsen
Head of Food & Wine Denmark

+45 (0) 24 61 59 03