A company’s reputation is hard-earned and easily endangered. In the current digital environment, real time information is requested and opinions are formed and changed faster and faster. That also impacts the requirements for successful corporate communications.

Corporate communications is about reputation management and creating a brand that is viewed as trustworthy – both internally and externally. We make sure that your messages are communicated with a clear strategy and in a targeted way to investors, shareholders, and the industry.

We don’t just scratch the surface, but go every step of the way with our clients. Our consultants help you to define communication goals, set up a strategy and realize it with the help of the right channels and measures. Those measures are as manifold as companies itself. From a press release to a series of interviews or an international press conference, everything is imaginable – and doable.

Selected services:

  • Annual reports
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Crisis communication
  • Media relations
  • Strategic consulting
  • Event conception
  • Media training

Selected cases


Allan Sonne Sørensen
Partner & CEO

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